Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here we go

aaannnddd it begins...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Testing testing 1, 2, 3

alrighty, lets breath some life back in this thing!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I met a Lady today

I met a Lady today. She wore her clothes in different sophisticated arrays. Her hat was on just right. Not too far to the left, and not too far to the right.

She wore an intoxicating perfume. That demanded my attention from across the room.Her words, her touch, her smiling eyes.

Her addictive laugh, I swear, such beauty can bring a tear to a man’s eye.

I have seen girls like that before. But whatever they did she could do more.

How she unknowingly ordered you to her charm,
And acted so calm and collected when around her you put your arm.

What a real something that girl was, Intelligent, intuitive and reactive.

Acts before she thinks, and leaves herself wondering how she did what she did.

But enough of her pretty side now, Because like a coin a girl often has 2 sides, with one in disguise.

She’s intoxicated with her looks, her moves and her charm. One could say that when she holds herself, her lover is in her arms.

She feeds off the attention, and like a fool she is guilty of pretension.

She’s only oh so hollow, hallow and wasted,

She longs for a love she has never tasted.

And for the redemption for which she had patiently waited.

But Alas how can one see redemption when their eyes are on themselves?

Or on other’s reactions to themselves?

You see redemption is a hard acquired thing.

For us its cheap as dirt but for God it was the price of our sins. But how is she to get it now?

Christ knocks on the door while she is somewhere about.

This surely is more complex than most could see.

To her beauty she’s a slave and cannot be free.

So next time you see the girl in sophisticated arrays, don’t fall in her trap.But know very well that; like you; she’s the victim of our society…a mere Hollywood fad.


This blog is officially back to life :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

If I could make it work in life...a song by Kevin Max

I sit on a piano stool and I make up songs for these men who come in with dust on their faces and mud on their boots From these places that I'll never go. I sleep in a rented bed with a woman who gives me what lttle I get of the love we'd like to imagine is left Of the love that we never did know I slip out and scribble a note that reads like a million books It's a four cent nickel for my dime store theme, but it sure reads good If I could make it work in life Like it works on paper If the love that I describe Could be anything but words Then I would wipe my eyes I'd dry this ink I'd trade my pen in for a pair of wingsAnd I would fly If only I could make it work in life And at the end of every night I add up the tips and I count for what's mineI come down to a thing that amounts to a lieAnd the sum of it all I'm afraidIs less then what I know I need to slip beneath the surface of my forgeries Where I buried my hopes where sometimes my dreams Still stun me and steal me away. I can still hear Dine Bikeyah call just like we were kids I could tell you all about it in a song But Lord I wish If I could make it work in life Like it works on paper If the love that I describeCould be anything but words Then I would wipe my eyes I'd dry this ink I'd trade my pen in for a pair of wings And I would fly If only I could make it work in life, make it work in life

We have all but ourselves...

We have faster transportations but nowhere to go to.
We have more wealth but nowhere meaningful to spend it.
We have longer lives but a more meaningless existence.
We have more freedom but we are more enslaved by our desires.
We have better looks but uglier personalities.
We have more cures but less hope when we are faced with diseases.
We have more rights but no idea how to use them.
We have more thorough linguistic vocabularies but more redundant dialects.
We have more intelligent professors but more idiotic scholarship.

The gulf of humanity...

From our birth to our demise, we reach out.
From a child's cry for his mother, to an old man's need for another.
We want to live, we want to love, we want to feel the warmth of the smile of our significant others.
it is far beyond a need. It is a necessity. It is not our weakness, but rather our strength.
it is the gulf out of which our very humanity stems.